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Frequently Asked Questions

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It will help us to know…

  • If you suffer from any health problem which may present itself during a counselling session.
  • If you are taking any medication which may have side effects which may affect counselling, e.g. drowsiness.
  • If you are having any other form of counselling from your GP Surgery, CPN (Community Psychiatric Nurse) or another agency. It could be confusing to receive support and/or advice from different people.
  • For confidentiality please let us know if another member of your family or a friend is receiving counselling from SBCS.

It is a confidential relationship based on mutual trust and respect in which you will be listened to with acceptance and understanding. It allows you to share, clarify and understand some of your feelings regarding your loss. It also allows you to explore your feelings and thoughts with someone who is not emotionally involved with you or your family. It may help to reduce illness and other problems which can occur as a result of the bereavement.

Anyone who is concerned about themselves, a relative or a friend can get in touch with us on 0121 424 5103 to talk about counselling. We will arrange an appointment to meet and talk about your bereavement and to explain what SBCS can offer you.

Initially, we offer 6 sessions on a weekly basis, lasting for 50 minutes. Sometimes further counselling may be necessary and this will be discussed and agreed between you and your counsellor. Counselling can take place either by telephone, online or in person to the counselling rooms at SBCS.

If you cannot attend a session, please phone the office on 0121 424 5103. We will contact you if you miss your initial appointment. If you fail to attend a second appointment, we will not contact you again. If at all possible, please try to give us 24 hours notice. The Counsellors are not based at the office and we need time to let them know about the cancellation.

Solihull Bereavement Counselling Service is a very low cost bereavement service.
For more information regarding cost please contact us on 0121 424 5103.